Virtualization Landscape in a Heterogeneous World – TechNet Radio:ITProGuru vs. Tony Asaro #VirtExpert (Part 25 of 20+)

The Final post (Part 25 of 20+) of the “Become a Virtualization Expert with 20+ days of Server Virtualization #VirtExpert Series” is now in the books.  I hope you enjoyed the series and enjoy this final episode of Virtualization in an Heterogeneous World!

TechNet Radio: ITProGuru vs. Tony Asaro on the Virtualization Landscape in a Heterogeneous World


Dan Stolts welcomes Tony Asaro to the show as they take an in-depth look at the overall virtualization landscape and the many factors companies need to consider when thinking about their virtualization needs. Tune in as they discuss Hyper-V vs. VMware, Live Migration and Hyper-V Replica as well as how to manage your virtualization solutions with System Center 2012.

  • [3:11] As a consultant and systems architect what are you hearing in the field as it relates to the virtualization landscape?
  • [4:32] What do you think are the primary forces that play into the decision for how companies start looking at Hyper-V over VMware?
  • [7:06] What kind of workloads are companies porting to Hyper-V?
  • [8:59] What pace do you see companies moving at to roll out changes.  Is it  a rip and replace, or a migration or a bit of both?
  • [10:18] Do you see more small businesses caring about Virtualization?
  • [12:00] Do you see people taking advantage of virtualization management technologies like System Center 2012?

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