PowerShell in Action! Event Burlington Ma June 2nd 2017

PowerShell in Action

PowerShell in Action – June 2, 2017 – Microsoft Burlington – 5 Wayside Road, Burlington MA

Join us for a day of PowerShell.  Just as it is a tool for you to do amazing things, we are going to use it as a tool to explore amazing technologies.  If you are looking to learn PowerShell, we have an entire track dedicated for you.  If you already know the basics, go deep and learn more in our full professional track.  There will be sessions on Azure, Containers, Nano Server, and hands-on lab sessions where you will be able to put the practices you learn to use on your own equipment.  Don’t forget to Bring a laptop and power supply.  Also, for security to get in the building, you will need to present an official ID.

All Attendees Will Get:
* A full day of training on PowerShell and many other great and new technologies.
* USB 3 – 32gb Thumb drive with all content scripts, slides, additional resources, etc.
* A printed and bound Lab Guide so you can do more labs on your own.
* Door prizes and the opportunity to win great drawing prizes.
* Lunch and breakfast provided

Purpose: Introduce and Dive Deep into PowerShell leveraging the latest and greatest technologies such as Windows Server 2016,  Nano Server, Containers, DevOps, Azure Cloud

Target Audience: Those that work in the IT sector. Whether you are on the Dev, Sec or the Ops side, there is plenty here to learn.

  1. Professional System Administrators, security professionals, virtualization professionals, or others that are part of the “Operations” side of the business.
  2. Developers (generally enterprise, but all are welcome) who want to learn how they can make their life better by learning PowerShell, Containers, DevOps and other technologies
  3. Those that what to learn introduction or deep dive on the technologies covered in this event.
  4. Early career IT or Dev

Audience Expectations: Learn about PowerShell and how to leverage PowerShell for managing,  automating other technologies that are growing rapidly.  Most of the content presented will have some element or lessons in PowerShell. Take home the lab guide, a USB drive with all content and scripts.

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Keynote Presentation by: Tim Mangan

A Walk-through of a real-world example of PowerShell to automate VM Management and application packaging

Tim ManganThe Windows ADK for the 1703 release includes PowerShell based scripts for automation in a Hyper-V environment. Although intended for App-V packaging, these scripts make a great example for general automation of VMs including the following:

  • OS Image creation
  • Unattended VM creation and OS installation
  • Creating a local account in the VM and enabling remote management
  • Setting VM Parameters (ex: memory, CPU, NIC, AutoStart)
  • Creating a checkpoint
  • Reverting and starting the VM
  • Copying files into the VM and injecting commands

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