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“Call-To-ACTION!” Challenge

Event Challenge/Resources

You can find this resource document with live links,at:

Session slides & more

Take the Microsoft “Call-To-ACTION” Challenge!  Challenges require Microsoft Account (LiveID). If you cannot do Challenge at event, consider the personal gain to doing it when you get back home/office.

1.      Initiate The Following Downloads (PAUSE once download starts, please DO NOT download at conference)

  1. System Center 2012
  2. Windows Server 2012
  3. Windows Server 2012
  4. Hyper-V Server

Once downloads are started, send a screenshot of download manager paused to AND tweet @ITProGuru or email your friends (and cc the message:

        Tweet/Email: @ITProGuru I am ready for Windows Server 2012;  Call-To-Action Step 1 Done.  

Ø  When you get back to home or office finish the downloads and follow instructions at to get familiar with these great new technologies  (Please DO NOT finish download at conference)


2.      Activate a Free Azure Trial Subscription Create your first Free Cloud Virtual Machine

NOTE: Requires Credit Card but you will NOT be billed if you do not manually change your account to a Pay Account

Ø  Send a screenshot of Azure with VM created to AND Be one of the first people to tweet @ITProGuru or email your friends (and cc the message:

§  Tweet/Email: @ITProGuru I am ready for Windows Azure;  Call-To-Action Step 2 Success!



Please share challenges with others.  Playing with these technologies will help you progress in your career.

Event Prizes:  (During Events Only!!!) 

Must be present to win 


Ø All that finish either challenge 1 or 2 will be registered for a special drawing at the end of the day …One entry per person / per LiveID / per challenge. Emails must be received before 3pm or 1 hour before end of event, whichever is sooner.

Different events will have different prizes.  Prizes range from USB hard drives to Xbox console or Microsoft Surface RT.



Keep Going… More Calls To ACTION: 

3.      Hands-On-Labs: Visit the Hands On Labs at Winter Warmer; start building your own lab.  (Laptop required, compatible with Windows Server 2012 recommended but not required) (Red level Room 10)

4.      Sign-up for Early Experts (Certification Study Group)

Ø  Tweet/Email: @ITProGuru I am on my way to becoming an Early Expert; Call-To-Action Success!  

5.      Connect to Virtual Academy and Login you get home to complete your first module

Ø  Tweet/Email: @ITProGuru I am ready for Virtual Academy Call-To-Action Success!  

6.    Create a Technology Blog Post: Create a detailed step by step blog post on how to do something with Windows Server 2012, Windows Azure, Windows 8, or System Center.  Don’t have a blog?  You can become a “Guru Blogger / Author” on the blog for free. Original content only / Do not copy someone else’s work. 

7.      Join Tech Membership Program Join in and keep up with the latest events that come to the area as well as special promotions and other member only benefits.

8.      Join YOUR Local Technology Community:  Get plugged in with your local community!  Check out:

Ø Join the local (Boston) Virtualization Group

§  Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2013

§  Virtualization Study Group

§  VirtG Feb 21st 6:30pm RDS/VDI Event

Ø Join the local Windows Server Group

Ø Join the regional (New England) Virtualization Group

Ø for many more local technology groups

See Below for Many Event Resources and Valuable TIPS!!!!!


IT Pro Audience Lead: Dan Stolts (ITProGuru)

Blog: “IT Pro Guru”:

Positive Feedback E-mails (my boss): Bob Familiar

Blog: “TechNet”:

Twitter:  or @ITProGuru


Email: (send special event challenge requests here!)

Xbox Gamer Tag: DanStolts


Blogger Tip/Challenge

9.      Live Tiles” Toolbox Add to your Blog or website

Ø  Add This really cool “Live Tiles” Toolbox to your blog or website and have it automatically update with the latest software as new releases come out.  You can change the picture to yours and the contact links to yours.  Or you can just use the two contact tiles for more downloads J Horizontal toolbar also available.  Plus great REWARDS coming soon! See details at:

Toolbox “Live Tiles” include: Windows Server, System Center, Private Cloud, Windows Azure, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Hyper-V Server, Early Experts even more coming soon!


MORE Tips and Resources

More Software Evaluations – Get ‘em here:

Free, Live-and-in-Person Events
FREE Training  (HINT: Start with the self-evaluation!)

o   Early Experts Free Certification training:

o   Microsoft Virtual Academy –

o   MS TechEd (Video’s Galore)

Upcoming Events:

TechNet Events (for IT Pros):

Hand On Labs:


Windows Server 2012 Resources

Windows Server 2012 Download Center –

Hyper-V Server 2012 Download –

Windows Server Team Blog –

Windows Server 2012 Getting Started –
Richard Fichera of Forrester Research: Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2012

Windows Server Jump-Start Recordings

Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs


Microsoft Cloud Home Page –

Private Cloud Home Page –

Hyper-V Overview –

What’s New in Hyper-V –

Hyper-V getting Started Guide –

Hyper-V Support for Scaling Up and Scaling Out Overview

SMB 3.0 Overview –

Hyper-V Replica Overview –

Shared Nothing Live Migration Video –


High-Performance, Continuously Available File Share Storage for Server Applications

Technical Preview –

Understanding and Troubleshooting Storage Spaces –

Windows Virtualization Home –

Hyper-V Cloud Deployment Guides –

Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machine Converter RC –


Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service


FREE Windows Azure 90 Day Trial – Free Cloud Servers

31 Days of Servers (VMs) in the Cloud – Blog Series

Windows Azure Home –

Windows Azure Virtual Machines (with instructional videos) –

Windows 8

FREE Windows 8 Trial

Building Apps –

Free eBook –

How to Log Off, Shutdown, Sleep & Restart

Create Bootable USB Drive –

Install Windows Dual Boot to VHD –

More Resources Coming Soon!!!


Check out