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As more and more information gets put on the web on Windows Azure for IT Pro’s it is getting more and more difficult to figure out what is the most important thing to learn about Windows Azure now.   To help simplify that process and rollup the many great blog posts available on Windows Azure, I thought I would great a central Windows Azure Hub for getting up to speed and learning Windows Azure.  This article will take me many weeks to complete and will be constantly updated with the latest great content on the web.  Since the information will never stop flowing, you should bookmark this page and come back regularly to keep the goodness feeding your brain.  I suggest you setup a recurring appointment to check the link and see what is new.   Every week or every two weeks should be sufficient.  For the remainder of April and most of May 2013, updates to this page will likely come almost daily.

Get Started Now  – Create a free Windows Azure Account (NOTE: Free Account requires a Credit Card during registration but you will NOT be billed if you do not manually change your account to a Production/Pay Account)

Why do you need Windows Azure?

  • Don’t have the hardware but want to build a lab?  – Build Your Server Lab in the Cloud
  • Do it for your career – “The Internet” changed everything back in the 90’s. “The Cloud” is just as big and even more important to our careers.  Like the Internet it requires a different way of looking at things and like the Internet, those that get up to speed first will reap the rewards.  Get started now by setting up your first server.  Does not matter what you put up.  At the very least, get your web server in the cloud.  Then take the next step to get a file server or other infrastructure going.  Going through it yourself is the best and easiest way to learn it. Once you learn it, you will be way ahead of your peers and in the process add several bullets to your resume! Do you really think Cloud is a fad or something that can wait? See
  • Leverage it to make money or build your business services around it
  • Why Windows Azure: Brent’s Notepad, Auth0, Azure Team, Tony Tai, More coming soon

As I add content to the hub I will very likely have to change the format until I get something that flows well with the massive amount of content that will eventually be available via the hub so please be patient while construction is underway!  I will make it pretty later, for now, I am just going to get you the information.  Organization and beauty will come in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Azure Events (online) Upcoming Azure Events (Live)
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