IT-Camp Azure Labs v2



Lab Requirements

The following components are required to successfully complete this Hands-on Lab:
A Microsoft Azure Account and Credentials
A modern web-browser with HTML5 and Javascript enabled
Remote Desktop Client connection software
Internet connectivity
Identification for building access
10” or larger screen recommended
Your own wireless hotspot (if you have one)
In addition, this hands-on lab guide assumes that lab participants are comfortable with performing the steps involved in implementing Windows Server 2012 and Active Directory in an on-premises datacenter environment.

Word Docx Lab Guide (Azure-Labs-All-V1.03.docx)
Presentation Slides (AzureScenarios.pptx)
Lab Data Entry Cheat Sheet (Lab-DataEntry.txt)

Lab 1: Building Foundation

    • Affinity Group, Virtual Network
    • Storage, Cloud Service

Lab 2: Building Workloads

  • Build Domain Controller
  • Create SQL Server (SQL)

Lab 3: Working with Identity

  • Create Azure Active Directory

Lab 4: Build Application & SQL Workloads

  • Create Application Server
  • Configure SQL Workload

Lab 5: Deploy Data Access App

  • Configure Web Server Workload
  • Test SQL Connectivity
  • Deploy and Test Data Application

Lab Appendix – Bonus Labs

  • Additional Helpful Labs (more coming soon)

Lab Bonus: See

  • Updates to documentation
  • Electronic Lab Guides with live links and PowerShell snips
  • Labs to add to your environment (coming soon)
  • Additional Great Resources

Partial Provisioning Scripts (No Cheating Please)

More Useful Resources