TechNet Radio: Data in the Cloud (Part 6) The Role of the DBA Within Cloud Services

In part 6 of our Data in the Cloud series, Dan Stolts and Silvano Coriani discuss the roles of DBAs and how they can support cloud investments from data design strategies and workloads to the key critical factors that should be considered when moving to the cloud.

[2:16] Is the DBA role changing when moving to the cloud? If yes, how?
[6:32] What are the critical factors I should consider when moving to the cloud?
[15:48] How are technical and economic aspects more interrelated in the cloud compared to on-premises?
[28:04] What are the cloud service advantages for relational database workloads for customers of all sizes?
[36:40] How should I troubleshoot database instances in the cloud? What tools are available?
[48:40] How can we work better with application developers during this transition?

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