TechNet Radio: Data in the Cloud (Part 4) – SQL Server on a VM or Azure SQL Database?

In part 4 of our Data in the Cloud series, Dan Stolts and Scott Klein discuss what considerations you need to think about when comparing SQL Server on a VM (Virtual Machine) vs. Azure SQL database. Tune in as they go in depth on the pros and cons for each platform as well as its potential impact for several key scenarios.

  • [1:08] What is Azure SQL Database?
  • [2:04] How does this differ from running SQL Server on a VM? Isn’t this the exact same thing?
  • [4:15] What are the functional and feature differences?
  • [10:08] What are some of the major considerations DBs need to think about when comparing the two options?
  • [15:04] How does the migration and authentication process work?
  • [24:48] Do the roles for DBs change with a move to the cloud?
  • [30:48] What about performance between the two platforms?
  • [34:00] How does this apply for startup companies? Benefits?

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