To Scale Out or Not to Scale Out…That is the Question!

Dan Stolts welcomes back Jose Barreto to the show and this time brings along Sr. Program Manager Ned Pyle from the Windows File Server team as they take a “Shakespearian” look at whether or not you should Scale Out your File Servers. Tune in as they give us a quick overview of how these technologies work as well as dive deeper into scenarios that will work for your end users and organization.

  • [2:20] Let’s start with a quick overview and how Scale Out File Server is installed
  • [4:30] Let’s take a closer look at Scale-Out File Server.  Can you share a bit about Simultaneous active shares and available bandwidth?
  • [10:26] How about management?  As we add more capabilities to Windows Server does managing these resources get more challenging?
  • [12:53]  What does this technology mean to the end user, the information worker holding a laptop?  Their data needs are much different as they are constantly opening changing, closing, deleting and copying files.  What does it mean to them?
  • [18:05]  How about performance?
  • [23:06]  If scale out is not a good option — what is a good alternative and how do you configure the environment for an Information worker?

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